1.1 payment method

Unless otherwise agreed, you must make payments in cash, by bank transfer or by EFTPOS and cannot be deducted. Company or personal checks will not be accepted. You are responsible for any expenses incurred in arranging payment for the goods, such as bank transfer fees and related fees. If we receive or recover money in respect of your debt, we can use it to repay a portion of the debt of our choice.

1.2 payment terms

You must pay us the total purchase price of the goods plus the delivery fee three (3) days before delivery. The ownership of the goods will not be transferred to you until we receive full payment for all the money you owe us. Until you pay in full, we reserve the right to take possession of and dispose of the goods at such time as we think fit.

1.3 deposit

Before we place an order, you must pay a minimum deposit equal to fifty percent (50%) of the total price of the goods (including GST) plus the delivery costs specified in this Agreement (the "deposit"). Products.

2. Scope of liability: you agree that:

Limit any claim you make to the cost of replacing the goods or purchasing the equivalent products;
We shall not be liable for any loss or expense incurred after delivery of the goods (or after the goods have been disassembled, fixed and / or otherwise used or applied), after which we shall be deemed to accept unconditionally
To the maximum extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any personal injury, property damage and / or contingent, consequential, direct, indirect, special or punitive damages caused by negligence or otherwise, and you acknowledge such limitation of liability and agree to limit any claims accordingly; and
To the maximum extent permitted by law, there are no other terms, conditions, agreements, guarantees, representations and / or understandings, express or implied, extended in any way to us, related to or binding on us, except as otherwise provided in this article, on behalf of us, unless otherwise provided by law.

3. Exclusion clause: you agree that:

You shall choose the goods for the purpose of your own knowledge and expertise, and any advice or assistance provided by or on behalf of us will be at your own risk and shall not be deemed to have been regarded as an expert or consultant or to have been relied upon;
The sale of the goods is subject to each manufacturer's trade terms and conditions and is protected by each manufacturer's warranty. Unless otherwise required by law, we are not liable for any manufacturer's liability; and
If you fail to comply with any requirements of you or any other person (whether in connection with the manufacture, design, manufacture, installation and / or any other specific use of the goods and / or other means), we shall not be responsible or liable. We did not communicate directly, accurately and accurately with the relevant personnel of major outdoor activities before we signed any relevant sales contracts.
We shall not be deemed or deemed to be in breach of or breach of any contract due to force majeure. Force majeure shall include any cause beyond our reasonable control, including strikes and stoppages.
Any terms and conditions you seek to impose on us do not apply. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

4. Recovery costs: you must pay all costs and expenses incurred by us and / or our agents in connection with you (including legal costs based on compensation), whether in connection with debt, possession, delivery of goods and / or otherwise.

5. Goods and services tax [GST]: all payments due to us and consideration for any other "taxable supply" (in Within the meaning of the new tax regime (goods and services tax) Act 1999 and related laws (as amended from time to time) shall be deemed at all times to be exclusive of GST and / or any other applicable taxes, government charges, levies and / or impersonation of any kind - you must ask us in due course as we reasonably request The way.