Question:Is it safe to use on silk clothing?

Answer: Of course, this mini garment ironing machine is ironed at a constant temperature, which will not harm our high-end clothes


Question:Will i be able to use it in asia, specifically thailand & indonesia?

Answer:Hi Denise,

You will be able to use it, however if these countries use 220v electric outlets, you will need to get a voltage converter in addition to a plug adapter in order for the steamer to work.


Question:What are the dimensions of this steamer?

Answer: Hello! This steamer for clothes dimensions are 6.26 x 2.99 x 9.13 inches.


Question:how many watts?

Answer:1200 watts


Question:Can i use an extension cord with this steamer?

Answer:Hi there! Yes, our steamer for clothes has a cord to be plugged into the electric power. The images are cordless but the actual steamer comes with a cord to be easily connected to an extension.


Question:Can i use it on jeans?

Answer:Hello Jasmine, Our steamer for clothes works for any kind of garment no matter how rough the material is. Jeans included of course!


Question:Can i use tap water or distilled water?

A:Distilled water is recommended.


Question:Do you know the best way to clean the water holder?

Answer:the only way that i know is fill with water and let the steamer run a full cycle. after that i just leave the opening open for 24 hours to air dry out.


Question:How long is the power cord?

Answer:Hi Patricia, this steamer for clothes has a 70.86 inches long cord.

Question:The tank seems small. Do people find it enough water to do a few clothes or do you have to refill a lot?

Answer:I was able to do 5 tops without refilling. Although the tank is small it is so easy to maneuver because it is so light to handle. I love it


Question:Did anybody use this product on jeans?

Answer:I love this product but I do not think it does well on such heavy material. I use it for blouses, linens, tee shirts, curtains etc,,,,,for these items it works great!


Question:how long is the power cord and what is the capacity of the water reservoir?

Answer:Hi there! Our steamer for clothes comes with a 70 inches long cord and a 120 ml capacity water reservoir.


Question:Does it have a travel bag?

Answer:Yes, it comes with a travel bag as standard.


Question:Can you use it while you clothes are on?

Answer:Dear buyer, we strongly recommend you to NOT use the steamer on clothes that you are wearing on yourself. You are using hot steam that may cause you burns on your skin.


Question: How heavy is the device itself?

Answer: The net weight is 760 grams.