Operation guide

1.Removal of the water tank

Hold the upper and lower locks in the middle of the water tank and pull out the water tank backward.


  1. Add water to the tank

◎ This product is only available with pure water (distilled water). Do not add perfume, vinegar; starch, decalcification agent or other chemicals to the water tank.

Open the water filling hole sealing plug at the bottom of the water tank.

Fill the tank with water.


Return the plug to its original position to ensure that the seal is intact.

Replace the water tank in the machine.


3.Products Usage

(1)Insert the plug into the socket with rated voltage of 220V~/10A,and the indicator light is always on at this time, indicating that the machine is in standby state (the machine is not heated in standby state).


(2)Press and hold the power switch for 2 seconds, when the white light of the indicator light flashes, the machine starts to warm up.

After preheating for about 40 seconds, the indicator light stays on, indicating the preheating of the machine has been completed and the next ironing can be carried out.



Unplug immediately after ironing and allow the appliance to cool completely before storing.


4.Hanging ironing

Hang the clothes on a stable hanger and start ironing from bottom to top. The steam will rise along the inside and outside of the clothes to soften. Repeat this step to complete the ironing.


5.Tiling ironing

Lay the clothes on the ironing board and iron from the top to the bottom. The constant temperature panel and steam will make the fabric soft to get into shape. Repeat it to complete the ironing of the whole garment.

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