Best Lint Remover-Buyer's Guide

Best Lint Remover-Buyer's Guide

Should you throw or discard your old favorite clothes or linens when they get surrounded by the fuzz?




Even the best quality fabrics eventually start to pill, makes them look worn, old and not nearly as lovely as they should.
By using the best lint removers available today, you can take good care of your much-cherished buys.
In fact, you can use it on your blankets, curtains, drapery, and upholstery too.

Advantages of Kexi M1 Lint Remover

  • Rainbow Titanium Net Cover to Prevent Damage to Clothing

The newly released Rainbow Titanium Net Cover has a hardness of 4 to 5 times that of ordinary stainless steel meshes, and the surface is smooth, so no need to worry about the mesh being deformed by force and the rotating cutter head cuts clothes.


  • Five Speed Modes Suitable for All Fabric

The cyclone cutter head is equipped with a powerful motor, which rotates quickly and easily captures large and small hair balls for cleaner trimming. You can choose a lint remover with several gears. Different gears have different strengths and can be processed for different fabrics.


*Softer fabrics such as pills generally choose a gear with moderate strength, but sofas and carpets require stronger horsepower and adsorption.


  • Compared with other lint remover devices, kexi M1 lint remover have larger trash storage bins, so no need to disassemble and clean up frequently. Washable head provides you with a more convenient and comfortable experience.


  • 300 min of Extra Long Battery Life ---Only Two Charges per Year
Does not require frequent charging, easy to carry out.


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