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Behind the name

GUO Chenghao, CEO of KEXI Intelligence Technology Ltd., started his career at an early age in home appliances industry, and has since accumulated rich experience by managing productions for several leading global electronics companies.

From years of observation on how people's needs are turned into actual products on the market, Guo noticed there's a huge discrepancy in between. He discovered that many manufacturers had been producing products that were either too complicated or too simple, which ceased to meet what people really wanted. Inspired and encouraged by the idea of designing something closer to people and their everyday lives, Guo was determined to create his own brand.

In 2014, Guo was joined by his friends Zuoyou and Xiaobao, both experts in household appliances e-commerce, and together they started a new business, Kexi. Having spent years on product research and development, and tossed away thousands of prototype sketches, Guo and his team successfully introduced their first creation - an air circulation fan to the market in 2019. The production line soon expanded to hand-held steamers and infrared heaters, which had created a buzz among customers with their unique features and elegant designs. It reaffirmed Guo's belief that everything they do should always be customer-oriented.

"Drop the assumptions and listen closely to people's needs, you will find the true soul in a household appliance." From the cool and natural breeze, to the gentle heat that warms up the space, Guo and his team continue to stay present with the audience.
We let our customers decide what they need. Not our assumptions.
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