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About Us

Kexi is a technology company founded in the year of 2014. We believe the soul of home appliances derives from tasteful design, modern technology and the constant interactions with our surroundings. By continuously innovating and reinventing our products, we aim to create elevated home care appliances that are unique to the market yet essential to our everyday lives. We have a team of R&D professionals from around the world who have helped achieved 278 innovative technology patents, and more than 10 global design awards.

At Kexi, we take pride in our ability to find the proper balance between aesthetics and functionality in everything we make, and that is exactly what people need today - to bring joy and passion to a world now overwhelmed with cold and impassive devices. Our goal as a home appliances company is not just to create amazing products, but also deliver meaningful experiences in life.



Block 23, Qianhai Enterprise Residence, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
We let our customers decide what they need. Not our assumptions.
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